…And Begin…

Let’s Not Be Frank

Sometimes the best we can do is identify things that we don’t want to be on our way to definining what we do want to be. This site is for those of us that know we do not want to behave in hateful, vengeful, dishonest, dishonorable, cowardly, harmful, violent, deceptive or unkind ways. That is a big start and it’s also a big commitment because it can be surprising to realize that just because we don’t want to be a certain way, doesn’t mean we don’t or won’t.

Courage lies in our ability to identify with those things we don’t like, find out how we do behave like that and make a commitment, small steps, to become something different.

Let’s Not Be Frank.

The unCivil Suit

*Disclaimer: I think the Civil Suit is not civil. I don’t think it will deliver what people seek for it to deliver and it will hurt more people in the process. It will hurt all of us, it will hurt our children and families and friends. It already is. I am single minded in my focus and goal of getting it dismissed AND finding other ways to be made whole and I need your help to do that. There are other ways. I want to be made whole. I want accountability. I want Justice. I think most people want these things. The Civil Suit will not achieve that.

I have felt the anger. I know it. At least I know it for myself. I’ve felt the urge for revenge. I’ve been vengeful. This is not new territory. But no matter what, we were friends once, more than friends, we were humans sharing with each other in the deepest ways. Before it all went to shit, we were humans relating with each other in the deepest ways.

Obviously if you’re involved in the Civil Suit, this doesn’t matter to you or it doesn’t matter enough to make a different choice. Ok.

Well how about, simply, what will this do and what has it done to your soul?

For those of you with children, is there no other consideration for Justice? When you think of how wronged you were and wanting accountability and wanting Justice and wanting to be made whole, does your behavior match what you would wish for you children if they were ever wronged? Is this the best you have to offer?

Because this is the best you have to offer. This “Civil Suit” is the best we have offer. This is the example we are sanctioning for our kids and for our souls.

There’s another way. There is another way. You do not have to sell you soul down the river. There is another way.

Withdrawl from the “CIVIL SUIT” and tell your story. Start here, tell it hear and then take it an tell it in other places. Be honest, be decimated and come out the other side. Don’t lock yourself into all of recorded history as proclaiming “Civility” and justifying the same behavior you are seeking to remedy in others.

Tell your story. Tell it here. Withdraw from the “Un-Civil Suit”, rise up into your true self and find another way. You are a beautiful, creative, caring human being, do not be talked into and do not talk yourself into the fact that this this “Civil Suit” is the best you can do. It’s not.